Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tell Your Story Digitally

Do you have a report or story to tell? Want to spice up your class report consider using digital story telling. Of course, you will need to get approval from your faculty member before turning in a digital story. The Center For Digital Story Telling ( can help you get a better understanding of digital story telling. You can also watch videos on Atomic Learning here, simply login with your SUNet username/password.

Meograph allows you to combine video, audio, pictures, text, maps, timelines, and links links into  a contextualized, interactive story. The current release has a Search that allows you to see the 40,000 plus stories already told. Stories are ranked based on quality/completeness and there is the ability to sort by relevance, popularity, and recentness. 

Simply create your story and then share it on your blog, in your favorite social network, and even embed it into your SU course via Blackboard. You can try it before signing up and if you decide to sign-up you don't have to create a Meograph Account, just use your Facebook account. Meograph for free they does offer enhanced (paid) accounts, but you can elect just to use it for FREE. Click here to learn more about the paid accounts.  

Below is a sample of a digital story being told with Meograph. 

Meograph is not the only application that can assist you in digital storytelling. Click here to see how the University of Houston uses digital storytelling telling in there classes. On the University of Houston's site you will find other digital storytelling software, examples, how to's, and much more.  

Learn more about Meograph at

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