Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Student Viewpoint Review - Mac Dashboard

Mac Dashboard Review 
by Martin Smith 

Salutations!  This is Martin and I am here with yet another Shenandoah University technology review! This week I have studied Dashboard, a feature on every recent Mac produced by Apple. Dashboard is an application that allows the user to have several mini applications, called widgets, open at the same time and in one place. A link detailing how to use Dashboard will follow this review.  

Dashboard has a very simple function and I have to say Dashboard preforms it beautifully. If you have been looking for a way to de-clutter your desktops of multiple applications running at the same time, Dashboard may very well be your answer. Many large applications, such as iCalendar, have widgets; instead of having an entire application running, you can just have its widget running on dashboard. Running an application’s widget on Dashboard will save space on the desktop because Dashboard operates on its own separate full screen. 

All together, Dashboard can be used to a high degree of efficiency if its function is required. If you have no dire need to use Dashboard, however, it can appear as nothing but a worthless trinket. Regardless, I only have two main complaints with Dashboard. First and foremost, I feel as if some of the ‘widgets’ are of poor quality. These poor quality widgets seem to do nothing but diminish Dashboards true value. In addition, I do not believe it is possible to change the background of Dashboard. While a non-changing background is a purely aesthetic complaint, it is well deserved if it is something we must look at day-to-day. 

I would highly recommend this product to someone who is looking to better organize his or her desktop and or computer use. I would only mention it, however, to someone who is not looking to or who does not need to organize his or her computer use or desktop. More on Mac Dashboard @

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