Thursday, March 21, 2013

Student Viewpoint - iMovie Review

Student Viewpoint Review
by Demetrius Younger

The iMovie application is a tool used by all Shenandoah University students at one time or another. It is most commonly used by incoming freshman in their First Year Seminar classes.  First Year Seminar courses are designed to help students become more aware of the world they live in. The classes require that students to demonstrate what they have experienced and learned during the course of the semester. The application is pretty easy to learn how to use and also has some new features that students could benefit from greatly.

Users of the iMovie now have the capability of importing footage or photos from their cameras in order to create an iMovie. While importing the user can check or uncheck boxes underneath their images that way they can manually import what they want. The application also allows for the labeling of footage imported so the user can better distinguish between them. Movie Trailers is a new addition to iMovie which allows for a more Hollywood feel to them. The 15 templates include special features, graphics, and even sound tracks played by professional orchestras to create atmosphere. The genre of the trailers can include action, romance, sports and adventure. Two new themes were also added to iMovie which are the News and Sports themes. You can pretend your delivering the evening news or spice up your favorite sporting event complete with stats, photos, and rosters. Even the final credits can be customized and set up in this iMovie feature. The user can also find the best images or footage in their film more easily when editing because of the People Finder feature. This feature marks all footage that contains people, instead of having to look through the entire video. More control of the audio is now placed in the users hands as the different sound waves are color coded. This makes knowing what your listening to a lot easier. New effects such as instant replay, slow motion, fast forward have also been added to the editing side of iMovie. 

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