Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Important Notice from IC

Late last week, Apple updated its built-in security tools to blacklist older versions of Java. As a result, all but the current versions of Java have stopped working. You may have noticed this when you tried to use Blackboard, Collaborate, WebNow, or other Java based web applications.

Ideally, you should update to the latest version of Java supported by the web applications you use. Updates can be found using Software Update (OS X 10.6.x only) or from Oracle (http://www.java.com -- OS X 10.7 or higher).  

However, you may not be able to upgrade due to compatibility issues. In that case, there is a workaround in Self Service. Open Self Service, log in, and go to the Utilities category. 

You will see "Turn off XProtect" in the Featured section. 

Install this application to restore Java functionality. You will need to restart your web browser afterwards. 

If you do not have Self Service, or have any questions about this procedure, please contact the IC Help Desk at 540-665-5555 or helpdesk@su.edu.

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