Friday, January 11, 2013

Welcome Back!

A new semester is well underway...

To get you started, I offer a short list of areas to find information concerning SU Technology and SU Tech Support.

The IC Technology Help Desk is the place to start for all of your technology questions and needs.  

     Visit the Help Desk website for tutorials and SU technical support contact information.  

     Additionally, you can connect with the Help Desk Facebook page to stay informed with    
     up-to-date SU technology news and notices.

     Further, if you have a technology question feel free to contact the Help Desk either via   
     phone at (540) 665-5555 or email the Help Desk at

For Blackboard Support - 
Blackboard 9.1 Image
The Blackboard Support site offers information on system requirements, browser setup and an awesome supply of student specific tutorials.  With the info offered on the Bb Support site, you will be well equipped with everything you need to get started on your Blackboard course(s).  

Please visit the Bb Support site at

FRIENDLY REMINDER ABOUT EMAILING SUPPORT INQUIRIES- Always contact IC Help Desk support and Blackboard support from your SU email address. 

Best of luck to you this semester!
Remember to keep reading the blog for news and information on SU technology--and WELCOME BACK!

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