Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Student Viewpoint - Atomic Learning Site

Please join us in welcoming our new Student Viewpoint guest blogger, Demetrius Younger.  IC recently selected and enlisted the help of Demetrius, who is a Shenandoah student, to review SU technology and to provide us with a student perspective.  Starting this month, his reviews will be posted to the Student Technology blog under the title Student Viewpoint.  Below you will find his first review for the Atomic Learning site.  

Remember to follow the Student Technology blog for up-to-date information on SU technology and look for future postings from our student guest writer, Demetrius Younger.  


Atomic Learning Review 
by Demetrius Younger

I found Atomic Learning would be very beneficial to students and their education. The site allows students to more easily look up information on how to work with different applications such as Excel, Access, Powerpoint, and Word. Students are also able to filter information in order to further specify their desired information. The assessment test I believe will serve both teachers and students as a great measuring stick of their technological skills.This would allow students and faculty to identify their strengths and improve their weaknesses. The storyboard guide would help incoming freshman especially with their FYS classes when they have to create an I-movie. Atomic learning teaches the student about different types cameras, camera shots, editing, and story lines, along with videos to give an even clearer definition. Training in Atomic Learning is very simple to do whether the user sets it up themselves or follows the recommended training provided by administrators.  Atomic Learning I believe would allow students to learn at their own pace and more easily review material for classes. The site is not difficult at all to navigate through and tutorials are provided to avoid confusion. Overall I really enjoyed learning about Atomic Learning and I would definitely recommend the site to students.

To access the Atomic Learning site, please log into Blackboard and click on the Atomic Learning link located under Bb Tools.  

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