Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Java Announcement in Blackboard

Java Vulnerability

Posted on: Wednesday, January 16, 2013 in Blackboard Announcements
Oracle has released updates to resolve a recent “zero-day” vulnerability in Java version 1.7. While many security experts have recommended disabling Java on systems, that is not practical advice for SU users. Both Blackboard and Webadvisor use client side Java during user sessions. There are currently two supported versions of java, 1.6 and 1.7.  Version 1.6 is not affected by this “zero-day” vulnerability and Oracle has released a patch for 1.7. To see what version your computer is running browse to

Mac OSX Users you should be running at least version 1.6.0_35. You can update Java by clicking on the Apple menu and choose Software Update. Install all needed updates.

Windows Users (including Boot Camp or virtual Windows on a Mac) should be running version 1.6.0_38. You can download the 32-bit installer for 1.6.0_38 from Once the download is finished you will need to run the installer.

If you are running 1.7 you should be running version 1.7.0_11. To update java open your computer's Control Panel. Once the control panel is open Windows XP users can double click on the Java icon. Windows 7 users need to click on the Programs link and then the Java icon. In the Java Control Panel click on the Update tab and choose update now. If you have any questions please contact the help desk [ | 540-665-5555]

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