Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Submitting Videos to

Want to share a short video about how technology is used at SU?

Here's your chance --

Welcome to Shenandoah University's new technology initiative.

This program was created to allow you, the student, to help showcase the many ways technology is used at Shenandoah University. The information and videos you submit will be used to demonstrate to prospective students, educational leaders, professional accreditors and other interested parties how Shenandoah is using technology to enhance the collegiate experience.

We're looking for student-produced videos of five minutes or less that demonstrate the many ways our students and faculty embrace the technical revolution happening right before our eyes.

Maybe your professor has a unique way of incorporating technology in the classroom. Maybe you and your friends have used your iPhones to enhance your learning experience. Think about all of the different ways technology is used. It could be in sports, the classroom, the dorm experience or in the conservatory.

What you submit is up to you.

Please visit to find out more.

**All information provided by the website.

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