Friday, October 12, 2012

Mac Lion Update

First -- check your Mac operating system.
(Go to Apple menu in top left corner, select About This Mac.  Below is sample image of what you should see when you select About This Mac.  Notice--In this image Mac OS X has been circled to highlight operating system and version information.)

If you are running Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4, there were some issues with that version that have been resolved with version 10.7.5

Version 10.7.5 is currently available via the Self Service app. 

Note -- OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 has not been certified by Blackboard and is NOT RECOMMENDED at this time.

Install Software Updates via the Mac Self Service app by opening the Self Service app and selecting Get Ready for Lion under Categories.  Then click Install Apple Updates

You will then be presented with the following screen --

Select Show Details if you would like to see what updates will be applied.  Then select Install if you wish to install the updates now.

**Remember that software available in SU Self Service is for use only on computers owned by Shenandoah University, which includes those in the iMLearning program. The software available in SU Self Service should not be installed on computers that are not owned by Shenandoah University. Please refer to the Installing Applications using Self Service documentation located on the IC Help Desk website.

Information concerning SU Self Service app provided by the IC Help Desk website.  Details are located in the Installing Applications using Self Service document.

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