Monday, October 8, 2012

Degree Audit Now Available for Student Review


Students are now able to view their program completion status in WebAdvisor under "Degree Audit." Degree Audit allows students to track their progress toward degree completion and assist with course planning, as all requirements include accompanying text on how to successfully complete each requirement. 

Once logged in, PDF instructions are available under "Student Help" and also on the screen where students select the appropriate program to be reviewed. Students should review the Student Instructions as information is provided on how to access and read the degree audit. As noted in the documentation, although some earlier programs may be reflected in Degree Audit, only catalog years 2009 and forward are fully supported. 

Should a student find any errors in the degree audit, please consult with your advisor, who will take further action to resolve any issues. Any other questions can be directed to Valerie Taylor at 540/665-4537 or

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