Monday, September 24, 2012

Creating a Google Site

Build your own website today with Google Sites.  Google Sites makes it easy with a selection of templates.  Further, adding content to your Google site is as simple as composing a Word document.  

To get started--go to   
From there, sign in (if you haven't already) and click on CREATE.  You will then be presented with the option to create from Blank template or to Browse the gallery for more.  Once you have selected your template, name your site and site location accordingly.  Click CREATE.  

At this point you can begin the process of organizing and posting content to your site by selecting Edit page(s).  You also have the option to add a New page.

Once you have finished editing, be sure to click Save. 

Tip--if you want to manage Access Settings, add site descriptions or delete your site -- Go to Manage Site in the More Actions drop-down menu.  

Click here for a short video introduction from Google on the creation of a Google site --

Please visit Google Sites support @ for more information or questions concerning Google Sites.

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