Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blackboard Tasks and Google Tasks

Getting organized is often initiated by the always reliable and almost always accomplished to-do list. 

With Blackboard Tasks and Google Tasks you will stay organized and mark off completed tasks in no time. 

Blackboard Tasks --  

The Blackboard Tasks tool organizes various tasks such as activities and projects and prioritizes these tasks.  Below is a link to a video explaining how to stay organized by managing your Blackboard tasks.

*Note--tasks may not be available depending on instructor.  

**Clicking on the above video link will take you to content provided on the Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 On Demand Student Learning Center site @ -- Blackboard Inc. 1997-2011

Google Tasks --

Google Tasks allows you to create custom To-Do lists and add task items to your Google Calendar.

The following link provides information on creating Google Tasks from emails as well as creating tasks through your Calendar or on your mobile device.  Simply click on the Learn More link located below each item (Gmail, Mobile or Calendar) to access further information on adding and customizing task items.

**The content in the above link directed to Google Tasks Help is owned and provided by Google -- Google, 2012. 

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