Friday, September 14, 2012

Atomic Learning at a Glance

Need a refresher on APA Research Paper Basics?  Want to learn how to use Photoshop or brush up on your Microsoft Excel skills?  Atomic Learning is a great place to do just that, and the aforementioned is really just a sample of the training offered through Atomic Learning.

Atomic Learning connects you with a variety of cutting edge training resources.

--AND--Getting to the Atomic Learning training site is super easy!

Just log into SU's Blackboard site --
Click on the "Tech Support" tab
Then click on the "Atomic Learning" sub tab
Finally, you will click on the "Atomic Learning Home Page" link.  
This link will direct you to a browsing area where you can cruise through the Atomic Learning training library. 

Currently, the setup is one username for all SU users.  However, in the very near future each SU student, staff and faculty member will be able to access the site with individual login information.  Once individual login has been established--you will be able to keep track of your completed tutorial training through Atomic Learning as well as print certificates of completion.

Please pass this information on...and check back here for updates.

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