Wednesday, August 15, 2012

SU Student Technology Resources

·         SU Online or SU Portal: Go To, click on “Go To SU Online”.
o   WebAdvisor
o   Blackboard
o   SU Email
o   Help Desk
o   Student Forms
o   WEPA
o   Datatel
o   Training Calendars

·         Direct links to specific technology:
o   WebAdvisor (WebA):
o   Blackboard (Bb):
o   SU Email:
o   Help Desk:
o   Bb Help Page:

·         Direct Help Contacts (Always include first & last name, student username, and details of issue):
o   Help Desk:  7a -5p, Monday – Friday, 540-665-5555. Email 24/7 at
o   Institutional Computing (IC) – After hours emergency number is extension: 4777
o   Bb Specific help email:
o   iMLearning: - Don Silvius, 540-545-7275 or
**Help Desk are the only ones who can reset passwords! Located in Howe Building on Main Campus**

·         Important Applications:
o   ShenandoahU Mobile App:
o   Self Service App: Contact Help Desk is not installed on your Mac
o   Xplore It App:
o   SU Dining: Dining information for your mobile device

·         Password Help:
o   SUnet: use to access SU resources like (username & Student ID initially):
§  BlackBoard
§  Webadvisor
§  SU's secure wireless network
§  SUnet domain computers
o   Google:
§  SU Email (username & G+Student ID initially)
**You should change both passwords ASAP!! & you MUST use your 7 digit number!**

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