Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Welcome and Reminder

Before delving into topics concerning technology, I would like to take a paragraph or two to introduce myself and welcome everyone to the new school year.  A boisterous and happy hello to all!!  I am Katherine Shook the new Technology Support Liaison at SU as well as the new contributor to the student technology blog.  

A little about myself--

Before moving to the Winchester area I lived in Athens, WV where I received my BA in English/Literature from Concord University.  I later acquired certifications in Blackboard and HTML and worked at Concord under an assortment of professional hats including Academic Web Designer and Blackboard Administrator.  My personal hobbies and interests include movies, music, painting, hiking, reading and writing. 

As promised--
The Technology Portion

As a self-proclaimed SU newbie, I would like to highlight the value of the SU Help Desk website.  I know this information has been mentioned before in this blog, but I think there is some benefit to reiterating the worth of this site.  

Provided below is a list summary underlining Help Desk site attributes.
  1. The site provides useful campus technology resources.  There are links to a number of helpful tutorials and videos on Blackboard, Google, Mac, and so on.
  2. The site contains very informative sections on News, Google Announcements and Tech Tips.
  3. The navigation is intuitive for users.
  4. The search feature works nicely when you are in a rush and do not have time to scroll through menu items.  
  5. The experience is customizable.  When logged in you can add gadgets that are visible only to you.  Featured gadgets include--Google Calendar, Google News, Twitter and YouTube.  
In essence, there are a variety of useful links and gadgets on this site.  

Bookmark it --

...and remember to like and connect to the ICHelpDesk on Facebook and follow on Twitter @hornetshelpdesk

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