Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The 'Talking Iphone' App for your Ipad

We've seen the neat Apple commercials where you talk to your iphone and it give you the answers to your questions. Well I came across an iPad app last week that's close. It's called Voice Answer and it's available in the app store for $2.99. I suggest you visit the official website to find out all that it can do. Below is a list of features;

- It runs on iOS devices from 4.2 onwards, which is almost all of them.
- The speech recognition works better than that of Siri, especially with foreign accents
- The knowledge answers are spoken out.
- There is an alternative keyboard input, useful when spelling out difficult phrases
- Relevant images are presented with each topic
- The chatbot 'Eve' can be taught details such as your family info, the name of your pet, the model of your car, etc.
- The app is fully configurable: how much speech output, 'witty' chatbot on yes or no, how many items stored in memory.

I really believe this one is worth the couple of bucks they're asking for it.

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