Thursday, May 10, 2012

Graduates, Have You Created Your Digital Legacy Yet?

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Graduation is just a few days away now and I know you are filled with excitement and have lots of things going through your mind. But have you stopped to think about your legacy at SU?

Don't know what a digital legacy and want to learn more click here, but in short it is the digital footprint that future historians will use to trace your life. This will include all things like your tweets, Facebook post, online pictures, and the video you upload of your time at SU.

During your time here you grew, learned, engaged, collaborated, and expanded your family. As you prepare to move from student to alumni take a few minutes to ponder over everything. Then create a short video telling your story and upload that video at As long as your video meets the requirements below, it will be come part of the SU Mobile App. More importantly your digital legacy has been created and your video may be the one that helps another student decide to attend SU or it may be the one that gives a fellow student the encouragement to continue at SU.

I challenge all graduates participating on Saturday to upload their video. I have walked your shoes and when I graduated SU was not able to help create my digital legacy, so all I can do is donate each year and hope they open up an alumni video area soon. Finally, let me be the first to welcome you to the SU alumni family.

What you submit is up to YOU! Most of all, have fun!

Here are a few 'rules':
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PS: Be part of SU's Mobile Technology that just won an international award! Read today's SUN-e for more details.

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