Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Speak, Mac, Speak!

This is a fun (and possibly useful) Mac function you may not have been aware of. You can make your Mac Talk to you. Whether you wish it to tell you what time it is or read that term paper you have written back to you, Mac Speech is a neat little utility!

You access Speech by clicking your apple on the upper left and choosing System Preferences> Speech. (Near the center on the 4th row) . When you open up the application you can choose the gender of your Mac Speech voice by clicking the dropdown next to system voice and if you click More Voices it will give options for some special effect type voices.

Clicking Speak selected text when the key is pressed gives you the ability to hear what you have typed (or read to you from an article on the Internet! )All you have to do is click the Set Key button and define the keystroke that will kick off the text reading. (I use Control Option S)
Have fun making your mac talk.

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