Thursday, March 29, 2012

A.K.A. Casper!

On your toolbar at the bottom of your Mac you will see the following icon. 

This is the Self-Service application.  You may hear it referred to as Self-Service. You may hear it referred to as Casper. You say tomato ...I say to-mot-toe. It's the same app...SU's Self-Service application which  allows you to load iLife, Adobe Reader, Google Chrome, the latest version of MS Office, Skype and many other useful programs onto your Mac laptop without having to make a trip down to the help desk.

Simply click the Self-Service icon, enter your username and password and then it’s just a matter of clicking the install button found in the icon for the program you wish to install.

However please note that software available in SU Self Service is for use only on computers owned by Shenandoah University, which includes those in the iMLearning program.

Need help? There is a very informative presentation found by clicking the Getting Started button on the upper left. If you need further assistance with SU Self Service please contact the IC Help Desk at helpdesk@su.

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