Monday, February 20, 2012

Using the "Paste from Word" Mashup

The IC department insists that students NOT copy and paste any word processor documents directly into Blackboard. MS Word throws in extra XML code into your documents that can corrupt your course and cause major problems to the entire Blackboard system.
Shenandoah has a "Paste From Word" mashup loaded so we need all student to use that instead. The "Paste from Word" option preserves the text formatting and tables, but removes the 
incompatible XML code. The instructions for using this simple tool are below;
1) Copy your document from word using either edit>copy or the shortcut Cntl-C
2) From any text box in Bb (assignments, journals, etc) select the last icon (the Mashup Icon) on the bottom row/right side and choose Paste From Word from the dropdown. (See screen capture below).
3) After selecting, a text box page will open for you to paste your document. You can use the CNTL-V shortcut.
4) Click the Submit Button.

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