Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Clear your Cache, Cookies and History

Your web browser “caches” or stores a copy of every file you access so it doesn't have to retrieve the same file and images on the page each time you click the Back or Forward button. It is a good idea to periodically clear this cache. This makes your browser work more efficiently.
If you are using Safari on a Mac select Empty Cache from the Safari menu. If you wish to clear cookies or your history you can do so by selecting Reset Safari. You will be given a list of items you can reset. On Windows select the gear on the upper right and choose Reset Safari from the dropdown.
For Firefox on the Mac go up to Tools on the menu bar and select Clear Recent History. You will see a list of items you may wish to clear including Cache.
 On Windows go up to Tools, Clear Recent History and click the Details button to access the list.
If you are using Chrome select the wrench icon on the upper right then Tools then select Clear Browsing Data.

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