Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finger Gestures

Ok MacPro already KNOW that to move your cursor around the screen you simply have to move one finger on the Multitouch Trackpad and you already KNOW that to "Click" you take one finger and push down. But God in his wisdom gave us several fingers to work with so here is a little review of what gestures you can use with your Trackpad.

One finger on Trackpad-
move cursor, click (like left-clicking your mouse in Windows.

Two fingers on Trackpad-
Press down gives you your additional menu selections (like right-clicking your mouse in windows)
Hold down and move up and down on Trackpad scrolls the screen up and down.
'Pinching' in and out zooms.
Rotating two fingers rotates pictures

Three fingers on Trackpad -
Swipe left or right works like the forward/back buttons in your internet browser
Three fingers in a photo directory progresses through your pictures

Four fingers on Trackpad -
Swipe up shows desktop
Swipe down minimizes all your open 'windows'
Swipe right shows all your open programs

Eight fingers on Trackpad -
Does absolutely nothing...but give Apple time...they'll figure SOMETHING out.

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  1. This is a great post for those of us that are converting from a Windows computer.