Tuesday, January 24, 2012

MORE File Management Tips!

5. Store like with like. Restricting folders to a single document type (or predominantly one type) makes it easier for you to find files. For example, put all of your graphics in a single folder

6. Avoid large folder structures. If you need to put so many subfolders in a folder that you can't see all of them at a glance, consider creating an alphabetic menu as illustrated below.

7. On the Mac use Alias and on Windows use shortcuts INSTEAD of multiple copies. If you need to get to the same file from multiple locations, don't create copies of the file. Use Alias or Create shortcuts instead These are links to the files or programs. On the Mac select the file or folder (say in Finder). Right click and select Make Alias and then drag the alias where you want it ie desktop for quick and easy access. To create a Windows shortcut, right-click the file and then click Create Shortcut. You can drag the shortcut to other locations.

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