Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let your technology voice heard

The Institutional Computing (IC) department is here to assist and support you with all your technology needs. 

If there is some technology related item that is bothering you or you cannot get resolved, please talk with your SGA representative immediately. IC staff attend SGA meetings and work directly with student representatives to get technology issues resolved quickly. Students are also always welcome to contact the Director of IC Quaiser Absar directly at qabsar@su.edu or 540-665-4937.

Below is some some direct contact information for specific topics. 
Network Administrator: Ken Lambert, klambert@su.edu
Bb Student Training: Rich Giersch, rgiersch@su.edu
Bb Help: bbsupport@su.edu
IMLearning: Don Silvius, dsilvius@su.edu
WEPA: Chris Bean-Library, cbean@su.edu
Emergency Alert System: Donna Fazio-Auxilary Services, dfazio@su.edu
SU ID card: Donna Fazio-Auxilary Services, dfazio@su.edu

If you don't see something list contact the Technology Support Services (a.k.a. Help Desk) at helpdesk@su.edu or 540-665-5555.

Do you have a great idea of how to improve technology engagement at SU? Then don't keep it to yourself! Email your idea to bbsupport@su.edu today!

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